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You want your body and energy back, you’re anxious, stressed, sleep-deprived, feeling unattractive in stretchy leggings that aren’t quite stretchy enough, and it is a STRUGGLE to sift through all of the crunchy health advice out there.

But get this...

Your weight is the very last thing you need to worry about.  

Once you've got these pieces of the puzzle in place....

get your hormones, gut, and body systems squared away.  

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your weight, is finally going to fall right where it’s supposed to be.

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How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Milk Supply

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How to eat the foods you love and not feel like crap

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My Exact Guide To SIMPLE Meals for Weight Loss

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Eat THIS not that to lose the first ten pounds! Secret Food Loss Swaps Part 1


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Love this podcast, so encouraging!

I am a mom to three kids and since my last child I have struggled with my self image. My weight has followed me like a shadow and I was so discouraged. I love this podcast because it is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It is giving me confidence to take back my body and care for myself. 

So grateful for Kristen!

It’s so hard to feel confident after your body changes so much from having babies. Kristen gives me the Christ-centered encouragement I need along with the tools I need to appreciate my body in a healthy way.

Love the content!

I recently discovered this podcast and have been binging the episodes while I do housework, exercise, take care of my babies….etc. The content is so realistic, simple, and relatable….not to mention easily applicable to the mama-of-little-ones already *hectic* lifestyle!

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