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Now you have a
custom starting plan
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Well, that's a wrap!

It has truly been my honor to go on this 10-day journey with you, but now, friend, let me ask you this:
>What about EVERYTHING ELSE, like habits, what to eat, how to keep up the motivation, and all the billion of other questions you have?!?!
>>And who's going to keep you accountable? 
>>>And who's gonna hold your hand when things get tough?
Look, my friend, I know this can be tricky to figure out on your own. Even after I had studied nutrition for six years, motherhood still rocked my world. I was tugging at my clothes, confused as to why the things that used to “work” (AKA restriction) weren't making a difference, and I simply didn't feel as strong as I used to.  
It took me two babies to really figure out how to feel like myself again without being hyper-focused on every bite, calorie burned, or workout missed.
Two babies.  
Three years.
Not to mention the 10+ years of being lost in diet culture before that.
Now, if you've come this far, I bet you're a bit like me…but where I used to be.  
You look down at your body and think “Wow. Thank you God for creating such a powerful body!" You cut the brief prayer of thanks and follow it up with, “Ugh, why do I feel so gross?”
Ugh. I hate that for you.
If you're saying “Yes exactly", then sweet friend, I am SO sorry you're stuck there. That's such a crappy feeling and I don't want you to sit there another year, another baby, another decade.  
I'm gonna be straightforward with you:
--I've figured out what true balance looks like in motherhood (AKA food freedom!)
--I systemized it in a super easy way that factors in your **lack** of time
--and I've supported 50+ women through the process over the last three years.
When you feel better in your body you will show up better for yourself, the ones you love, and I'd venture to even say the Lord. But you have to make a hard choice.
Choose to either stay stuck and keep trying it on your own, OR
-->take control of your health, body, and relationship with food in a way that you've never tried before by trusting me to guide you on this journey!
You're invited to join the Baby Weight Loss Blueprint, my 8-week group coaching program for moms just like you! 

Hurry to join before the spots are gone! Doors close on Saturday, January 14th!

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